TV and radio host Sam YG is “enjoying married life so far” and is “looking forward to more years of being married” to non-showbiz partner Essa Santos. They are still in the “adjustment phase” and discovering more things about each other a year after they tied the knot.

Essa was born in Cagayan de Oro and works in the corporate world. They met years ago when Essa got Sam to host a corporate event. The two started their relationship in 2018.

“I’m enjoying it (married life),” said Sam during the press conference of Nego King Philippines. He was launched as the host of the local edition of South Korea’s variety show, which offers great bargains to customers.

Nego King Philippines drops a new episode weekly on ANIMA Studios’ YouTube Channel and LazLive on the Lazada app.

“Of course, there’s an adjustment phase that we’re going through kasi nga hinahanap na ako ‘pag 12 o’clock. ‘Where are you? Trabaho pa ba yan or chumichika ka na lang sa mga tao diyan?’ A few things like that,” he shared.

Nevertheless, married life has been “great” for Sam. “Choose a great partner in life… She has been very supportive. And I’m very grateful for somebody like that coming (into my life)… She has been supporting my strengths and my weaknesses naman. Siya ang magaling dun. We complement (each other).”

The newly-married couple recently took some time off from work to jet around Asia and Europe. During the pandemic lockdowns, they didn’t get the chance to travel. So this year, they plan to travel “as much as we can,” said Sam, “so we can explore the world together, especially those faraway places.”

Sam YG says he is ‘enjoying married life so far’ and ‘looking forward to more years of being married’ to non-showbiz wife Essa Santos. The coupled tied the knot March last year.

Sam also plans to bring his wife to India within this year to visit some of his relatives there.

Sam likewise told The STAR that deep conversations helped them click as partners. “I think whenever we talk, it’s always parang, of course, the connection is there, but it’s always a deep conversation alam mo yun? Alam mong you, guys, are a great team together. I think that’s where I felt that this is the one.”

“Sabi nga nila, when you know, you know. Dati hindi ako naniniwala dun, until I met her. Umpisa pa lang, malalaman mo na ‘yun, few months, few weeks. There’s something in her na hindi mo ma-feel sa iba,” he added.

On who between them does the “nego” whenever conflicts arise, Sam answered, “It depends on the issue. ‘Di mo masasabi, eh. Of course, (it’s about) compromise (when you are) committed… And it’s always gonna be a work in progress. There will be things that you have to ‘nego’ left and right na OK.”

Having been married for just a year, Sam shared that they are “still discovering each other,” adding, “Kahit naman after 10 years, I think it’s still discovering about your partner na parang, ‘Ay may ganito ka pa lang ugali. Dati hindi ko alam.’ And it’s always gonna be like that because people change.”

Speaking of change, Sam was also queried on how things have changed for him since Boys Night Out. He replied, “I think wala. Kasi even Boys Night Out is such a real show. So ngayon, talagang humihirit ako na parang, ‘Naku dati pwede pa akong mag-ano… Sama pa ako sa inyo. Pero ngayon guys alam niyo naman. May asawa na tayo. Bago na tayo ‘di ba.’”

He further quipped, “Hindi na ‘ko tumitingin sa mga maikling shorts na ganyan. Ikli na nga, punit-punit pa (laughs).”

On a serious note, he offered, “Of course, you have to maintain your energy and your job, but you have to twist it in a way that make(s) people know that it’s a different Sam YG. How you make that interesting, that’s the challenge.”

The Filipino-Indian and former Eat, Bulaga co-host maintained that he wants to be remembered in the industry as someone who is “dynamic” in his decades-long career. “Na parang kahit saan mo ibato yan, kaya niya yan. That’s what I like about Nego King. One minute you talk to a fish ball vendor and next minute, you talk to the CEO of the company on the same day in a span of three hours.

“I think adaptable and dynamic aside from the energy, of course. As a host, you need that energy and the wit. Kailangan yung bilis ng pag-iisip. So hopefully, those things,” he added.

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